[en] Ferry Corsten is ”reviving” a trance heaven. He’s bringing Gouryella to the stage!

By December 2, 2015Trance

This is IT. This is what I was personally waiting for! Reviving Gouryella is one of the best news for  the trance family since launching Anahera! This is what trance is all about and it will definitely be amazing to enjoy it live in 2016! Ferry is bringing back the act and preparing a world tour with it!

””It’s been a long time actually since we had this sort of sound in the scene. Trance has always been around but the big epic melodies, like the long-stretched melodies that really tell a story, I don’t think we’ve had that in a while and and today’s trance is so close to EDM that I really just wanted to bring an old sentiment back. It stems from a personal tiredness of what’s going on in the scene right now.”

WORD!  Ferry is so right in his interview on MTV UK about this EDM stuff that’s going on lately and he is right to make this decision: to bring back one of the acts that made us fall in love with trance music and touch every sound of it!

For those who are asking if Tiesto will be joining, the answer is simple: Tiesto moved on a long time ago. And if you ask me, some trancers should too. Tiesto is not coming back to trance. Gouryella is just Ferry Corsten since 2000, and it will remain Ferry till the end of times.

The concept of the tour is ”in the making”, and Ferry and his team are trying to find the perfect locations for next year. This shouldn’t take place in a random venue, this shouldn’t be treated as an usual event. It needs to show that ”heaven” Gouryella is about, that inner peace, that joy, that mistery, and for that, everyone is working hard to make it happen.

I can’t wait for more news about this and can’t express my joy enough. I can’t not feel the goosebumps that give me shivers every time I listen to a Gouryella track. It is one of the trance acts that got me into this beautiful music and kept me in love with it for years!

And Gouryella’s last track – Anahera, it talks pure trance; pure feelings; pure heaven! It makes me lose myself into the moment every time I hit the play button. It makes me fly. It gives me shivers. It makes me close my eyes and ”travel” to a ”land” of pure joy, goosebumps and peacefull thoughts. It is that track, that puts a smile on your face, every time you hear it. It’s that track that makes you breathe music and touch sounds! It is what feelings sound like! Just hit the play button and see for yourself! 

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