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Here it is! The first interview on this blog. The first of (I hope) a long series of artists interviews. Interviews with music producers, DJs, photographers, designers, ARTISTS! I am honoured to know all these awesome people and to have them responding to my questions. I am honoured and glad I can share their awesomeness with you guys!

Rudy Zensky is electronic music producer, from Bucharest, Romania. Big fan of harder and darker genres such as hardstyle or electro, Rudy’s style trespasses any genre barrier ranging from trap to progressive house and back, but has found a solid foundation with his own approach to electro house, blending harder elements with groovy melodies and explosive leads. Supported by Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Blasterjaxx, W&W, Markus Schulz and many more, he is an artist to watch. I hope he enjoyed answering to my questions and hope soon we’ll do a follow up!

Hey Rudy, nice to speak to you! How are you doing? Where are you reading this interview?

Hey there! I’m good, thanks for asking! At home right now, at my desk which is also my studio haha.

Let’s start at the beginning… Who is Rudy Zensky and when did the idea to produce music first occur?

I’m a progressive and electro orientated music producer from Romania, that’s for short. Making music fist occurred to me when I was like ten or less years old, when I started taking piano lessons.

How would you describe the day by day Rudy? How would you describe your life?

Well, now that the summer is over and university is starting again, I’d say I am a pretty regular guy. I go to classes, I go out with friends, I play games, I make music, nothing too out of the ordinary.

Give us a quick blow-by-blow of what you’ve been up to this year!

Musical-wise I’ve been polishing myself, and I’m really happy to have finally found the sound I wish to stick with in the future, now I’m gonna start branding myself better.

What should be your biggest musical accomplishment when you look back in the past till now?

Not sure. It could be having my tracks played to thousands of people at Tomorrowland and the likes, or releasing a track on Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike’s Smash The House label, or maybe having so many great fans around me!

Which single track that you’ve produced has had the greatest impact on your career?

Probably “HIYA” with Dave Till and Regi, which came out on Smash The House.

How do you find inspiration for your tracks?

Depends, it comes from a lot of things. Movie scenes, games, books, other tracks.

What influences you, as an artist?

Well, I’ll just list my top five influences those being : Dyro, Knife Party, Headhunterz, Don Diablo and KSHMR. I don’t follow trends that much, so I can’t say the have a big influence on me.

It’s hard to convince in this industry (EDM). Are you just like those producers saying: “I am just doing what I love and try to keep it going”? What do you think of the famous EDM “trend”?

Yep, that’s pretty much how I am, music is just my way to relax and be creative. I don’t know if I will ever dedicate my entire focus to music, but that’s something to be seen in the future. And regarding the huge explosion of EDM across the world, well, I believe it was just a matter of time anyway, it’s both good and bad for both fans and producers alike!

Do you think there’s a sea-change or revolution ready to take place in electronic music? If so what do you think needs to occur for revolution to happen?

Not really, right now things seem fairly stable, things are becoming more varied with the introduction of more genres on festival mainstages and so forth, I like it.

How do you see EDM in Romania in the next few years? Do you think Romaia has the potential to grow into this kind of music? 

Evolving, but slow. For some reason, people aren’t exactly interested in electronic music here, so it doesn’t break through as it did in other countries in Europe.

If you had to choose three adjectives words to describe what you’d like people to experience when you’re behind the decks, what would they be?

Three adjectives, that’s a hard one. I wouldn’t really know, but one thing that’s for sure is that my music isn’t exactly orientated around feelings and euphoria. It’s darker and harder. What I want people to do when they hear one of my sets is just empty their mind and have a good time, feel the raw energy of the set.

With which artist, would you like to swap the places for one day if you could?

Not very sure, probably Martin Garrix haha.

We’re reaching the end of this interview; do you have a message to our readers?

Whatever you do, stay true to yourself. And don’t forget to have fun!

Everyone’s got a hidden talent. What’s yours?

Couldn’t really say It’s a hidden talent, but I enjoy cooking a lot!

Thank you , Rudy for this amazing interview! You’re awesome! Till next time, enjoy his promo set and don’t forget to follow him on Facebook, Soundcloud or Twitter to stay up to date with what he’s doing!

Credit photo: Clau diu

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