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I always said Italians produce really good music,  and I am glad I got the chance to meet and chat with some of them. Emanuele is a great artist. If you don’t know him and his music by now, you should. Nice person, amazing music man. I am really glad he agreed to reply to my interview and chat with me about the music we all love so much. Enjoy!

Hey Emanuele, nice to speak to you. How are you doing? Where are you reading this interview?

Ciao Oana! At the moment I just came back from a bike ride and I am sitting in the studio. I’m ready to reply to all your questions!! Oh yeah! 🙂

Let’s start at the beginning… Who is Emanuele Congeddu and when did the idea to produce music first occur?

Emanuele Congeddu is a simple guy with a lot of hobbies; one being about music. I’m a big music fan since I was younger, but with trance is different. I discovered trance music in 2011 and immediately got some ideas and started to learn music production by myself. The only reason I started the trance production is because I had an idea! And in my opinion this is the most important thing when you want create something and not only in music production!

How would you describe the day by day Emanuele? How would you describe your life?

At the moment I’m dedicating my time to all my hobbies, so full day going on bike, producing music etc. for some people this is wrong but in my opinion life is only one and youth times will not come back again in the future!!

Why trance? Why did you choose this music genre?

I have not chosen it! Is trance music that choose me!! So I feel lucky! Trance music is not for all people! You have to be chosen!

What should be your biggest musical accomplishment when you look back in the past till now?

I can say that when I go to my Facebook page and I see all the people liking my music I feel really happy! Because I remember that I started from 0 and I see that my hard work is paid off ! I’m so happy to create trance music that trance people like! Thanks again to all the people that support my music from the start till today!!

Which single track that you’ve produced has had the greatest impact on your career?

For sure “Namida” with my Japanese mate Hiroki Nagamine first release of Ahmed Romel’s Vital Soho Label at the end of 2014. I have done more successful tracks, I know, but Namida is in my heart and will always be there!! I still love Namida after 2 years and I don’t know if I will do tracks so great in the future!! Namida represents my main style, the “Energetic Emotional Trance”, the same for tracks like: Frank Dattilo – Armageddon (Emanuele Congeddu remix)Etasonic vs. Laucco – Someone Like You (Emanuele Congeddu’s Epic Take).

How do you find inspiration for your tracks? Do these tracks tell a story? Are they a part of your life What influences you, as an artist?

I find inspiration from nature and extreme sports and with each track I try to describe a moment in my life! Is not a great idea, but I use tracks like a puzzle of my life. In every nice moment I create a track, and when I re-listen to it, I remember that moment, and then all my discography, will be about my entire life. I’m trying to do this, because great moments can’t be forgotten!!

It’s hard to convince in this industry (EDM). Are you just like those producers saying: “I am just doing what I love and try to keep it going”? What do you think of the famous EDM “trend”?

Music for me is a hobby and I produce only music that I like. So about edm, as i’m not interested to produce other music genres than trance, I’m not interested in this whole edm scene; it is not for me, and beside the fact that I really don’t like the music, I don’t like the edm people too.  Hahahah just when I see some edm things I walk by! Can happen to like some tracks, but for sure I’m not going to produce edm!

What do you think about the trance community?

I think that is the best music community out there!! An artist can’t expect a better fan than a trance music fan! 🙂

How about DJing for your fans? Did you ever experienced that? What would you like the crowd to feel when you’re behind the decks?

I’m not a big fan of djing, in fact I do not consider myself a DJ. I am just a producer. Maybe if I would receive an interesting offer where I can’t say no eh eh eh…Never say never!!

What are your plans for the next year/years? What are you planning producing related? When would we hear a new track from you?

I will continue to produce tracks during the next years, in all my styles especially tracks like “Alhena” or “Lovers” released on the glorious Monster Tunes recently, with big success but do not expect 10/12 tracks per year!! Now my goal is the quality not the quantity so expect around 3 to 4 tracks from each year! But all great tracks for sure!! Trance community will hear my new music this summer!!

What are your current top ten biggest trance tracks of all times?

  1. Arksun – Arisen [Best trance track ever for me]
  2. Above & Beyond Feat. Richard Bedford – Thing Called Love (Extended Album Mix)
  3. Nurettin Colak – Conception (Arctic Moon remix)
  4. Trance Arts & Colin James – Somnium (Original Mix)
  5. Veracocha – Carte Blanche (Sneijder Remix)
  6. Space Raven – Paragraph To Elya
  7. Above & Beyond Pres. Oceanlab – Satellite (Above & Beyond Club Mix)
  8. Above & Beyond Pres. Oceanlab – Clear Blue Water (Ferry Corsten Remix)
  9. Above & Beyond Pres. Oceanlab – Sirens Of The Sea (Above & Beyond Club Mix)
  10. Above & Beyond – Far From In Love (Airbase Remix)


Ayla – Ayla (Veracocha Remix)

Above & Beyond Pres. Oceanlab – On A Good Day (Above & Beyond Club Mix)

Above & Beyond Pres. Oceanlab – Beautiful Together (Signum Remix)

With which artist, would you like to swap the places for one day if you could?

Hard to say! Maybe the “Above & Beyond” but in the OLD DAYS !!! What a great music!! Still loving them also even though I am not a huge fan of their latest albums. But they did history in the trance industry!!

We’re reaching the end of this interview; do you have a message to our readers?

Yeah. I want say to all people that follow my music that I love them all, and not to worry when they don’t see me coming out with new tracks! I will always produce new tracks!! Just have patience. 😉

PS. Everyone’s got a hidden talent. What’s yours?

People in general tell me that I have a big talent in music, but I don’t really think so. I’m just good with finding melodies for nice tracks. 🙂

Thank youuuu, Emanuele for this great interview and you guys, don’t forget to support the artist too! Follow him on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Soundcloud and Beatport!

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