I am Blaga Oana – designer, blogger and music lover.


I love colours and colours love me. I am a perfectionist. I like everything to be in its place and every pixel perfectly arranged. I am right brained and that means intuition and creativity. Two of my strengths. Two things I can’t live without. My intuition always helped me in both professional and personal life. My creativity is that ”thing inside my brain” that is going crazy every time an idea pops up in my head. And when my creativity goes crazy, beautiful things happen; beautiful things come to life.

It’s been 3 years now, since I am doing this on a daily basis. I worked with multiple types of people, and loved every minute of it. From the most stubborn to the most open minded clients, I learned a lot from each one of them. I learned more about my patience, than I ever imagined. I learned and improved my communication skills and also got better with every sketch, every design I made.

I am very passionate about what I do and I am trying to learn something new everyday. Reading an article, a book, testing apps, new techniques or just talking with people help me find answers, solve problems and be a better designer.


I love sharing opinions of things I do/love/learn or other activities. I talk a lot. I communicate. I socialize. You’ll find here articles about me, music, design, marketing/cars and other things I’m passionate about. I also write on 2 other websites, about music, news from this area, interviews and reviews for some events. You can check them here and here.

Music lover

I love good music, especially trance music and can’t live without it. I wake up with music, I go to the office with music, I work with music. Even if I drive my coworkers crazy sometimes because the volume in my headphones is so loud, or start dancing in the office, I can’t help it. It’s who I am. Every atom in my body starts vibrating when the music plays. Everyday, I wake up and dance to TRANCE. Also, my love for this kind of music, made me take over – a project started by SS (local DJ and trance addict) and make it the place where all the trancers meet. It’s still a work in progress, but we do have some important events and interviews in our ”portfolio”.

You can follow my work on Behance or in the portfolio area, my activity and craziness on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and if you want more, you can always write me here.

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