New (trance) adventure. Extrema adventure #1

By April 7, 2016Design, Trance

I never thought I will be working with these guys. I never thought I will be a part of an another awesome team, like this one. I never thought I will be part of the Extrema Global Music family. Yes. Family. Because in a short amount of time we worked pretty hard, we talked, we got to help each other and I would never imagine not doing this on a daily basis.

I got to meet Astuni and Manuel Le Saux through Andrei, since he was constantly talking with them about, you know, producer’s stuff. Andrei already released with Extrema the beautiful ”Orion”, and planning other tracks, so when he got the artwork proposal for the track, my name came through. They wanted something new and good looking for the upcoming releases. They wanted a change. So, the designer in me came to the rescue!

We started talking and bonded instantly. I always said trance is connecting people, and this is no exception. Manuel and Astuni are two great people. Two people I am really happy I am working with. Two awesome people I hope I get to meet in real life too, soon.

I could speak for 2 more pages about the adventure of working with them everyday, but I think it is easier to show you some results. We got some nice ones pretty quick. Also, got awesome feedback from other designers and trance people around the world.

Here is what I was posting on my personal Instagram account (Extrema has one too. Follow us here!), after a couple of intense working hours:

Below, you can see more closely the work I did for Solaris, Andrei’s second track with Extrema, and my first cover for the label.  You can also check the track here. It already got support from Aly and Fila, on FSOE 438, Andrei’s second appearance on FSOE radioshow. I could not be more proud of my awesome trance boyfriend. Stay close. A lot of amazing tracks are on the way.





Facebook cover

Coming soon a portfolio post about all this work and more to come. So stay close. Trance on!

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